What You Can Do With Your $BLUR Token On Cwallet?


You can now receive, hold, swap, and tip BLUR tokens via Cwallet.


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Cwallet is happy to announce the addition of the $ BLUR token. Cwallet users can now receive, hold, swap, tip, and airdrop BLUR tokens.

What is BLUR?

BLUR is a decentralized community-driven NFT marketplace and aggregator designed for professional traders that allows them to execute trades faster. Unlike other popular marketplaces, it offers many highly-requested features and quality-of-life updates, including real-time price feeds and the ability to sort NFTs by trait floor price. This makes the NFT trading experience more streamlined and intuitive to institutionalize the NFT space while increasing decentralization.

What’s Unique About BLUR?

Blur NFT marketplace was launched in October 2022 to resolve the liquidity and downward spiralling floor price issue through a bid points system. The bid mining model is a liquidity pool transaction in which users provide ETH to the liquidity pool rather than liquidity.

The Blur NFT marketplace allows users to list their assets while collecting NFT listings from well-known marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, LooksRare, and X2Y2. In contrast to many other NFT marketplaces that charge a commission on trades, Blur charges no fees for selling NFTs and processes transactions ten times faster.

Blur’s detailed dashboard and frequently requested features may overwhelm casual NFT buyers or beginner traders, as its ecosystem is geared toward professional NFT traders. However, as newbies navigate its tools and features, they can quickly level up.

Other Features Of BLUR

While there are several NFT marketplaces available, Blur aims to differentiate itself as a pro-trader NFT Marketplace by providing the following unique features:

Speed and Accuracy

Blur is one of the fastest NFT marketplaces and aggregators because it processes transactions ten times faster than others. As a result, transactions on the platform are extremely fast and efficient.

Floor Sweeping Tool

NFT floor sweeping indicates that a trader purchases many low-cost NFT collection work. As a result, the Blur NFT marketplace provides a floor-sweeping tool to help users purchase multiple NFTs at the lowest price from a specific collection.

Portfolio View

Blur provides users with a detailed portfolio view of their holdings, allowing them to see the portfolio activities of all marketplace transactions and specific activities of other connected wallets. In addition, the improved user experience and interface allow users to manage their NFT portfolios using the most advanced analytics.

Listing Option

One feature distinguishing Blur from other NFT marketplaces is its listing option. It supports trait floor price, floor price, and ladder price listing, which is useful for portfolio management.

What is the BLUR Token?

$BLUR is the native token of the Blur NFT marketplace, with governance functionality. As a result, through community ownership of the $BLUR token, traders can participate in the platform’s governance protocol while also profiting from the marketplace’s success.

The $BLUR airdrop was launched on February 14th, 2023, and was distributed as a “care package” reward to users who traded on a competing NFT market, listed NFTs on the Blur marketplace, and participated in Blur market bidding.

On the other hand, users have been waiting patiently for the $BLUR airdrop, originally scheduled for January. However, the postponement of the $BLUR airdrop and the hype surrounding the pro-NFT trader marketplace have fueled Blur’s popularity in recent months, with the platform now surpassing OpenSea in terms of NFT trading volume.

Where To Get The $BLUR token?

If you missed the $BLUR token airdrop, you could still buy them on popular exchanges such as Cwallet, Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, and many more. However, you can quickly deposit, withdraw, or swap $BLUR tokens using the Cwallet at the lowest possible fees.

Learn more about sending, receiving, and swapping tokens!

Cwallet offers the lowest cross-chain transaction fees:

You can swap $BLUR tokens between 800+ cryptocurrencies present on Cwallet. Whether performing a cross-chain swap or an “on-chain swap,” Cwallet offers the lowest possible transaction fees. You can swap various currencies within your wallet for absolutely free!

BLUR Token Price:

Cwallet updates its price charts in real time so you can find live updates on the BLUR token via Cwallet.

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What You Can Do With Your $BLUR Token On Cwallet

Enjoy Tip, Airdrop, or Play-to-Earn $BLUR Tokens via Cwallet:

Cwallet offers the easiest ways to send Tips and Airdrops to your friends or community members using Cwallet Bot via multiple social platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

If you want to airdrop $BLUR tokens with a fun and thrilling twist, you should check out Cwallet’s Game Airdrops, where you can create one-of-a-kind free games! A new airdrop method in which you play to earn free cryptocurrency!

Send $BLUR tokens or choose from 800+ tokens to tip, airdrop, or play games with your community!

Check out the instructions for tipping on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

Create an exclusive #BLUR Community with Cwallet DAO:

A group with all true $BLUR fans can be regulated using the Cwallet DAO. It allows you to set a minimum of $BLUR tokens required for a new member to join the telegram/discord group. It is a beneficial tool for crypto start-ups and tokenized communities to engage with their target audience and grow their community.

Consider it an exclusive group accepting the $BLUR community by verifying their crypto assets!

End Note

We hope you’ve learned more about our newly listed $BLUR token and how you can use it with Cwallet services!

Remember that you can use Cwallet to receive, hold, tip, or swap $BLUR tokens.

Explore the top features of Cwallet to quickly and efficiently grow your community! Create an account right now and enjoy low transaction fees and various features!

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or comments, or join our community for more discussions, tips, and airdrops.

Originally published at https://blog.cwallet.com on February 22, 2023.



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Cwallet is the combined custodial & non-custodial crypto wallet. Manage and trade 800+ crypto assets and community in one place using multiple tools and bots.