What is Move-to-Earn?

8 min readMay 5, 2022
Cwallet Lists Move To Earn Tokens: GENO, GMT, GST, DOSE, and WIR tokens

The cryptocurrency industry has proven exponentially dynamic, with seemingly endless possibilities and innovation spreading like wildfire. For example, smart contracts and blockchain technology have facilitated the migration and decentralization of games that reward players via Play-to-Earn mechanisms (P2E). A new blockchain concept that rewards users for being physically active, on the other hand, is a unique innovation in blockchain technology.

A Move-to-Earn (M2E) game is a game in which a player in the real world is linked to a virtual counterpart in the game. This means that any physical activity undertaken by the player in the real world impacts the representative, facilitating interactions and profit dynamics.

Move-to-earn games pay their users to engage in physical activities such as walking, cycling, or other activities. So the more time you spend on the move, the more money you can earn.

The move-to-earn projects, unlike play-to-earn projects, do not require any upfront investments. P2E rewards users for gaming activities, such as winning battles, progressing through levels, and exploring the in-game universe. Instead, with M2E, users receive monetary rewards for moving around by foot, bike, or other means. The player’s mobile app’s sensors track their movements, automatically rewarding them for physical activity.

The M2E concept seeks to broaden the benefits of blockchain-based rewards beyond gaming to encourage people to live healthier lifestyles. This is consistent with the growing popularity of fitness trackers. As a result, M2E applications may have a more extensive market reach than P2E applications.

Several “Move to Earn” projects are currently being developed or operational. The Cwallet Team has listed some top move-to-earn projects within the ecosystem.

Cwallet Lists Move-To-Earn Tokens: GENO, GMT, GST, DOSE, and WIR tokens


Genopets is the world’s first Move-to-Earn mobile RPG, rewarding you for exercising your body, mind, and spirit by caring for your digital pet.

Genopets advance your Genopet NFT in-game by using data collected by your smartphone or fitness wearables. Genopets convert your physical movement and mental energy into in-game advancement, which allows you to upgrade and evolve your Genopet NFT.

Genopets is based on the Solana Play-to-Earn NFT ecosystem, enabling you to care for and evolve your personal digital spirit animal, Genopet.

A Genopet is a generative NFT that evolves, upgrades, and can be customized as you progress through the game. Your Genopet NFT is free and has just hatched. Keep your Genopet in your pocket at all times and get rewarded for getting out of bed, getting through your day, or running your next road race. After a long day, kick back, relax, and enjoy the benefits of what you labor for all day. Over time, it will gain value as you invest time and effort into improving its type, battle performance, and aesthetics.

Genopets, like many other move-to-earn apps, has a two-token economy. The first token, GENE, is the game’s governance and staking token used for in-game NFTs and provides holders with exclusive features and a voice in the game’s development and underlying mechanisms. The second token, K.I., is an in-game currency that can be used to refine crystals and buy habitats for their Genopets to improve their stats.

Genopets (GENE) Token Information


STEPN is a lifestyle and fitness project that rewards users for keeping fit. Users are equipped with NFT sneakers to walk, jog, or run, a.k.a. “Stepping.” There are two tokens associated with STEPN.

Ø GST: Users earn GST tokens while stepping; this is used to level up or mint new sneakers. GST tokens are unlimited.

Ø GMT: This is the Governance token minted on Binance Launchpad following a Token Generation Event (TGE).

GMT Token Information

GST Token Information

Dose (DOSE)

DOSE is a gamified fitness ecosystem that uses game design techniques and play-to-earn mechanics to improve real-world workout experiences. DOSE is the token of purchase, utility, and action that drives the OliveX gamified fitness ecosystem. OliveX enables players to enhance their physical fitness while earning real-world money through gaming activity.

OliveX is constructing a fitness metaverse in which players can work out in the comfort of their home, in the gym, or outside to earn in-game rewards. These experiences are linked by the DOSE utility token, which can be achieved as a reward in one experience and spent in another.

DOSE (OliveX) is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 standard token with a layer-2 solution on the Polygon/Matic network. Unlike the Ethereum network, Polygon/Matic has greater scalability and lower transaction fees.

DOSE is chemicals released when you play a feel-good exercise game like Dustland Runner, and it stands for Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphin. DOSE token integration is planned for three projects within the OliveX gamified fitness ecosystem;

Dustland Runner: Dustland Runner is the world’s first proof-of-workout, run-for-reward, and sweat-for-reward audio game, in which players use real-life running to advance the story and earn NFTs and monetary rewards. Dustland Runner is not only free-to-play, but it also doesn’t require players to have any in-game items (NFTs) to participate. Dustland Runner is built on the award-winning Zombies, Run! game engine, and online platform, which is the best in class for delivering audio running adventures across multiple devices while also tracking players’ fitness goals and progress.

Dustland Rider: Dustland Rider uses the SOL Cycling game engine, a fitness game. It’s an indoor cycling fitness game with a shared planet as the setting. Dustland Rider is a spin-to-win, cycle-for-rewards game that combines SOL Cycling and DOSE. SOL Cycling provides users with a one-of-a-kind cycling experience on Mars. Ride or run the NASA Rover at your own pace, or sweat your way through the SOL story. SOL Cycling and its partnership with DOSE will also include more terrains, routes, story missions, and models to reward users while cycling.

22 Pushups: This is a pushup challenge platform designed to encourage inactive users to become more active. This means that 22 Pushups is a challenge to perform 22 pushups every day. The app uses the smartphone’s light sensor to automatically count a user’s push-ups. The app aims to keep users motivated to improve their pushup training. Furthermore, users do not need a gym membership, nor do they need to purchase special equipment or clothing for push-ups.

DOSE (DOSE) Token Information

Wirtual (WIR)

WIRTUAL is a virtual reality application that encourages users to live an active lifestyle. It creates challenges in running, walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, and working out. Users can compete in terms of speed and distance to make exercise more fun and immersive and bring people together in the virtual world to compete in group competitions.

WIRTUAL describes itself as an ‘Exercise to Earn’ application in which users can earn coins by exercising and then exchange them for store purchases such as physical products and NFTs, event tickets, virtual sports event organization, and holder ranking to gain access to features.

WIR is the native token of the Wirtual platform, and they are the lifeblood of the economy because WIRTUAL uses a single-token model. Users must participate in challenges to earn WIR, whether running, cycling, or swimming. More WIR allows you to unlock new levels, which will enable you to make more WIR.

The platform includes a store that sells a variety of NFTs that help users earn more WIRTUAL each day. NFT avatar characters are used to represent users. Updating their avatars grants them access to exclusive features and limited-edition clothing. Additionally, users can profit by selling their avatars on the NFT marketplace.

Wirtual (WIR) Token Information

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