What Are Crypto Giveaways And How Can You Create One With CCTIP?

Crypto giveaways have sparked several debates on social media crypto communities in the past few years. Unsurprisingly, people wonder if crypto giveaways are real! Who gives away valuable assets or even money to some random people they have never met? Does it really make sense?

The simple truth is that giveaways are real. However, just like almost everything else, some crypto giveaways are fake.

Contrary to what many people think, giveaways are not “purposeless,” free gifts at the expense of the giver. Instead, crypto giveaways are essential community-building tools that can be used to appreciate an active community, reward members of a community, and, most importantly, as a free, word-of-mouth marketing tool.

By organizing giveaways on social media, several projects or individuals can amass new followers, thereby increasing social presence and visibility.

Some common giveaways in crypto communities:

· Whitelist Spots: A whitelist is a list of pre-approved applicants who can participate in an ICO, a private sale, or mint a non-fungible token before it becomes publicly available. Giving a select few people the chance to partake in a pre-sale is an opportunity to get them ridiculously cheap before it hits the public market.

· Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Some crypto communities give away their minted NFTs for free to build a community. If only one person holds 100% of the collections in an NFT project, it may not become popular. However, when the collectibles are distributed among a couple of people, it becomes a community that can be further developed to become high value.

· Tokens: Giving away tokens is the most common crypto giveaway type. When tokens are given away for promotional reasons, they are called airdrops. These airdrops involve sharing a certain percentage of a newly minted token to many people to get a large number of token holders who would serve as community members.

Typically, giveaways and airdrops involve simple social media tasks like liking, retweeting, following, and sharing. This helps to organically promote the Project or individual for greater visibility.

How to Identify Fake Giveaways?

Giveaway scams are common on social media, leading people to lose billions in untraceable wallets. One time, a person with a large Bitcoin holding participated in a giveaway and lost $1.1 million to a criminal who impersonated Michael Saylor (an early Bitcoin adopter). The perpetrator asked victims to send BTC into a wallet, promising them that he would double what they sent in minutes; alas! He fled.

Below are security tips for identifying and protecting yourself from fake giveaways:

· It is a scam if you are asked to send certain tokens or money to “claim” a giveaway. Giveaways are free and at almost no cost to the recipient, unless in a whitelist, you have to participate in a private sale.

· When you get exciting giveaway offers in your email, don’t be in a hurry to click the links. You could be a target for phishing.

· Whenever you are participating in a whitelist’s private sale, do adequate research to ascertain the legitimacy of the giveaway, like ensuring that their social media followers are real and not bought, never mint NFTs with your primary wallet that holds all your assets, review whitepapers thoroughly, don’t share your private keys, etc.

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What is the CCTIP Giveaway Tool?

The CCTIP Giveaway tool allows all CCTIP users to create a giveaway with their choice of rules and regulations. In addition, the giveaway tool has an automatic task verification system that ensures that nobody is cheating. All entries are automatically verified, and those who fail to meet the set requirements will be disqualified.

Some Features of the CCTIP Giveaway tool:

· Fair Draw: The CCTIP giveaway tool runs the draw with a fair algorithm that can be verified and back-tested. It works by creating a Participant ID (PID) for each participant and assigning them a random number.

The algorithm runs a computation to select the winning PIDs; since the numbers are generated randomly, no one, not even the giveaway creator, can manipulate the results to favor any participant.

· Compatible with Social Media Tasks: If your goal for organizing giveaways is for community building, then the CCTIP giveaway tool is optimal. With the giveaway tool, you can set tasks to grow your community by asking participants to follow and join your social media pages, like and retweet your posts, and do more.

Of course, the CCTIP giveaway tool will monitor the task progress of each participant by getting sign-in access to ensure that only people who complete the task are selected.

· Automatic Distribution: The CCTIP giveaway tool helps you save your time by automatically distributing the tokens to the selected winners. Of course, you can choose to do it manually if you would like to be a part of the process.

So, if you intend to giveaway tokens, a whitelist spot, NFTs, or any other crypto-related giveaway, the CCTIP giveaway tool is your best bet.


Now create provably fair contests, giveaways, and campaigns with multiple draw methods. CCTIP provides the easiest way to organize giveaways and airdrops with simple and easy bot instructions.

All you need to do is:

1. Navigate to the CCTIP Giveaway page and click on the “+ Create” button.

2. Select your giveaway type (whether Auto or manual distribution)

3. Set your preferences (date and time, tasks to be done, amount to be drawn)

4. Set your terms and conditions.

5. Preview the giveaway, and if everything is correct, click on “Create Giveaway.”


When an organizer creates a giveaway, they are provided with a link, which they can share with all intending participants. All you need to do is, click on the link and complete all necessary tasks before the deadline, and voila! You’re set.

For example, you can participate in the CCTIP Giveaway organized to celebrate 60,000 Twitter followers. But, first, you need to go to the giveaway page, complete the tasks explained above, and wait for the draws.

To monitor the state of your participated giveaways, simply navigate to the CCTIP Giveaway page, click on the “participated” tab, and a list will be presented to you.


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