Your giveaway banner is vital for your giveaway campaign because it is one of the first things people will spot. If your banner stands out, your audience has a higher chance of spending a few seconds to digest the content in it; however, if it’s not outstanding, they may be hesitant to take a second look. As expected, the more people participate in your giveaway, the higher your brand gets promotional engagement, and your aim is achieved.

Whether you are manually creating your giveaway content or you are using the CCTIP Giveaway tool, you will be asked to provide your brand’s image/logo and a giveaway banner to aid the optimal performance of your promo. However, it is essential to know that you cannot just pick an image for the sake of it; there are several things to consider before selecting an image as your giveaway banner.

Hence, we have outlined six tips for creating the perfect image for your giveaway.

Use high-quality images

This is probably very obvious, but it still has to be mentioned. There is no reason or excuse to use a low-quality image for your giveaway banner. Your brand will be addressed the way your image is, so if you portray low quality, many people will not be interested in associating with you.

If you need to take a picture, employ the services of a professional photographer; if you need to tell a simple story, use an illustrator. Always use high-quality images with a perfect blend of colors that are not too shouty.

As a rule of thumb: the simpler, the classier.

Use appropriate image sizing for each platform

Several social media platforms have their preferred layout and sizes for graphics and media. However, you may not even know this.

Using a bigger image size for a giveaway post will cause your audience to zoom in on the image before seeing it; similarly, using a small image will leave spaces on the image borders. Hence, it is important to use standard sizes for each social media platform to ensure that your audience can clearly see all information at a glance.

According to Sprout social, here are the updated image sizing standards for social media posts.

Remember: Your brand is your distinction

There are things peculiar to your brand which must be consistent throughout your posts. One of these includes your brand colors. For example, at CCTIP, we are peculiar for our lemon-themed website, logo, and other graphics; similarly, it is important for you to have peculiar visuals that tell your brand’s story.

Consistency with brand distinction subconsciously preaches your brand to new audiences; they may not be initially interested in your brand, but consistent showing up keeps them familiar with who you are and what you do.

The prizes should take the most space

When organizing giveaways, it is right to assume that your audience is selfish. They care less about who you are or what you do; their focus is on what they stand to benefit from you. Hence, it makes sense to catch their attention with the giveaway offer.

If the giveaway involves winning $100 for completing different tasks, you should boldly write “Win $100” to catch attention, and then all other information can be arranged in smaller texts. For example, in the image below, this promo requires participants to spend $100 to get a $100 voucher; however, more attention needs to be drawn to the prize, to ensure maximum engagement.

Credit: Outlets Nags Head

Keep it simple

Your giveaway banner isn’t a substitute for your website or blog. You don’t need to put every detail of your brand in a giveaway banner. Ensure that your banner carries only essential information, and keep it as light as possible. Including too much information will leave your graphic looking clumsy and unappealing, and hardly anyone will take a second look.

Also, use clear fonts and avoid using too many fonts in a single banner. Finally, the two-second rule states that you have only 2 seconds to impress your audience; assume that your audience does not have the luxury of time to read twice, so ensure that they can easily see all information and digest them within two seconds.

The image below may be an exaggerated example; however, it shows you what NOT to do when designing. Avoid too much information, colors, and fonts.

Terrible design. Credit: Rigorous themes

To maintain simplicity, you should ensure that your brand image isn’t too harsh. Use a combination of two colors to present a cool front to your audience. Remember that with the slightest inconvenience in reading, they are off to the next post.

Use Clickable Call-To-Action (CTA)

Some social media posts allow customizable graphics with embedded links. Although this isn’t always possible, it is a good practice to use clickable CTAs when designing. Again, make it easy for your audience to do the desired action; if it were possible, you could even carry their hands for them to click.

Save them time and effort, and your promotional campaign will yield the best results.

Ready To Host Your Next Giveaway?

You don’t have to invest so much time and effort into organizing your next giveaway. With the CCTIP Giveaway tool, you can easily create crypto giveaways with fungible tokens, whitelists, and NFTs while boosting your social presence with multiple engagements.

The best part?

You only need to set a few parameters within split seconds, and the giveaway tool does the rest for you. See details on using the CCTIP giveaway tool.

For other cool features like social media tips, play-to-earn airdrop games, zero-fee deposits, withdrawals, swaps, etc., ensure to download the CCTIP app on your devices and enjoy cool features that you won’t find anywhere else!

For more enquires, join our social media communities, and stand a chance to win giveaways while at it.

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