Airdrop Tutorial, Claim Your Rewards By Finishing Zealy Tasks, Hurry up!

3 min readApr 18, 2024


Hurry up, fellows! You can earn airdrop rewards by completing social tasks on Zealy! Without further ado, let’s get straight to the tutorial!

Zealy link for airdrop: is an unhosted NFT lending protocol that connects NFT holders with lenders. Anyone can make a loan offer for NFTs in their collection, and NFT holders can “left-click to borrow” to receive cash instantly. Users can lend out $SOL to earn a high APY (Annual Percentage Yield), and immediately borrow $SOL using their NFTs as collateral. The platform provides a mutually beneficial arrangement for both borrowers and lenders. Official Website

Here is how you can claim your airdrop!

First of all, click on the top right corner to connect to Zealy.

Enter your email and verification code to log in.

Next, complete the Twitter and Discord verification tasks.

You must follow the @SharkyFi Twitter account and join the SharkyFi Discord community. Like and retweet relevant tweets from @SharkyFi, follow the @Restuta Twitter account, and enter your Solana wallet address. Upon successful completion, you will receive a reward of 650 XP points.

Next, you need to invite friends to Discord. The amount of XP points you can earn will be determined by how many friends you invite.

Then, you need to click on the relevant links to complete specific Twitter tasks, each corresponding to different points.

In the next task, you must complete a Zealy verification to earn 30 XP points.

Finally, visit the official site to earn more points and rewards. With that, you can essentially wait for the airdrop.

Start Claim It Now!

150,000 participants have joined, with the highest XP points earned reaching 33,775. Hurry up and join!

We will continue to provide more comprehensive tutorials on crypto project airdrops, sharing more secrets to wealth with you.

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