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What is KaraStar?

KaraStar: A Play-to-Earn Game
Kara as an NFT
Karas can breed in the KaraStar virtual world.
Karas can evolve and mutate in KaraStar.

KaraStar Game Modes

  1. Arena (Player versus Player): The player versus player mode involves competing with other players. Each of the players will enter the Arena Battle with their Karas; the chances of winning the fight will depend on strategy and the level of their Karas. In the Arena battles, there is a total reward pool of 400,000 UMY, which is renewed daily.
  2. Dungeon (Player versus Enemy): The player versus enemy mode has 15 levels of gameplay. Per level crosses, your karas will achieve experience points (EXP), and after accumulation, the karas will upgrade to a new level. The enemy is a series of wild monsters that must be defeated. While playing in the Dungeon, you may accumulate treasure boxes that contain EXP, UMY tokens, and decorative props. The higher you go in enemy levels, the more challenging it becomes, and the better the rewards.
  3. Exploration and Plunder: This game mode allows players who have “lands” in the game to loot one another. As a result, players can plunder the belongings of other players to loot treasures and strengthen themselves for the Dungeon. Players who don’t want to be robbed may install shields on their lands.

KaraStar Core Features:

KaraStar (KARA) Token Information Sheet

KARA Token Use Case

KARA Community

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