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You can now receive, hold, swap, and tip KARA tokens via CWALLET.


· About KaraStar

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· Cwallet features you can use with KARA: Receive, Hold, Tip, Play-To-Earn, and Airdrop.

Cwallet has successfully completed the addition of KaraStar to the Cwallet. Users can now hold, tip, airdrop, and play games with KARA tokens.

KaraStar is a Metaverse project that seeks to enhance GameFi on the BSC ecosystem by building a play-to-earn metaverse game called the KaraStar virtual world. We have added the KARA token to the Cwallet to allow users easily link the virtual economy to the real world while using these tokens to enjoy more benefits making the most of Cwallet’s unique features.

What is KaraStar?

KaraStar is a Play-to-Earn game that involves using pets (Karas) to engage in battles with other players or with a computer-generated enemy. You can win rewards in each gameplay mode, such as experience points, UMY tokens, decorative props, etc. Each of these is useful within the virtual gaming world and in real life. For example, you can trade UMY tokens on any exchange; experience points (EXP) can also be traded for KARA tokens, which can be traded on exchanges. On the other hand, decorative props help beautify your pets (Karas).

KaraStar: A Play-to-Earn Game

Each Kara is an in-game asset that operates as an NFT; hence, the uniqueness and rarity of your Kara will determine how expensive it will be in a marketplace. As a result, each decorative item picked gives you a chance to create the rarest pet.

Kara as an NFT

All players in the KaraStar virtual world can breed their Karas to produce a baby Kara (offspring); this helps the player create a new offspring with unique qualities from the parent Karas. However, to make the game interesting, the number of times each player can breed their pets is limited to seven. As a result, players must judiciously utilize their breeding to create the most unique and rarest pet.

Karas can breed in the KaraStar virtual world.

Karas can also be evolved — evolution provides a way for Karas to mutate and become stronger to easily win battles and get more rewards (KARA tokens). However, unlike breeding, evolving karas require the Adult kara to devour a baby Kara with similar attributes (which can be identified by their cards). As a result, the baby becomes extinct, while the Adult Kara becomes stronger while exploring the Dungeon.

Karas can evolve and mutate in KaraStar.

KaraStar Game Modes

  1. Arena (Player versus Player): The player versus player mode involves competing with other players. Each of the players will enter the Arena Battle with their Karas; the chances of winning the fight will depend on strategy and the level of their Karas. In the Arena battles, there is a total reward pool of 400,000 UMY, which is renewed daily.
  2. Dungeon (Player versus Enemy): The player versus enemy mode has 15 levels of gameplay. Per level crosses, your karas will achieve experience points (EXP), and after accumulation, the karas will upgrade to a new level. The enemy is a series of wild monsters that must be defeated. While playing in the Dungeon, you may accumulate treasure boxes that contain EXP, UMY tokens, and decorative props. The higher you go in enemy levels, the more challenging it becomes, and the better the rewards.
  3. Exploration and Plunder: This game mode allows players who have “lands” in the game to loot one another. As a result, players can plunder the belongings of other players to loot treasures and strengthen themselves for the Dungeon. Players who don’t want to be robbed may install shields on their lands.

KaraStar Core Features:

In-Game Trading: KaraStar allows players to trade their Karas like an NFT. As a result, existing players in the KaraStar virtual world can sell their assets to new players who aren’t patient enough to build their Karas from scratch. This is essentially a lucrative avenue for full-time gamers, who can engage themselves by developing Karas at little to no cost, and then sell for a price of their choice.

Karas can also be transferred freely between players. Hence, two players can exchange their pets if they wish.

Deflationary Mechanism: Players can acquire Lands in the KaraStar virtual world. Like in-game pets, these lands are NFTs; however, unlike karas which are unlimited, only 4,000 Lands exist. These lands are mainly used to harvest resources. These resources vary based on the type of land, and they are used to boost the quality of Karas. Also, in the Plunder mode, players can loot resources from one other.

You can mine KARA tokens on your land by owning a KARA box. To hold a KARA box, you must burn KARA tokens. The amount of KARA tokens needed to be burnt varies per land; likewise, the KARA output per land varies. Furthermore, the output per land reduces with time; for the first 15 days, the output is maximum, then from day 16–30, it falls to 60%, and from day 31, it falls to 36%. This provides a way to mint new KARA tokens, but some tokens must be initially burnt to counter inflation.

Staking/LP Mining: Players who have land can stake KARA tokens on the official website for a minimum of 5 days to earn a daily yield (maximum of 30%). You can also earn KARA tokens by providing UMY and BNB as LP tokens in the KaraStar farming pool. This provides a way to earn KARA for free. You can withdraw your UMY and BNB tokens at the end of each LP period.

KaraStar (KARA) Token Information Sheet

KARA Token Use Case

The KARA token is a multi-utility token that can be used to purchase in-game assets; it can also be burnt to mine new KARA tokens. In addition, it can be exchanged on marketplaces for other tokens or fiat currency as a reward token.

KARA Community

Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Facebook

Where to Get KARA Tokens?

You can purchase KARA tokens from popular exchanges, including KuCoin, BitMart, PancakeSwap, and DODO exchange.

Easily send, receive, hold or swap KARA Tokens on Cwallet:

You can quickly deposit, withdraw, or Swap KARA tokens using the Cwallet wallet at the lowest possible fees.

Learn more on sending/ receiving and swapping tokens!

KARA Token Price:

Cwallet updates its price charts in real-time, so you can find live updates on the KARA token info and price chart via Callet.

Enjoy Tip, Airdrop, or Play-to-Earn KARA Tokens via Cwallet:

Cwallet offers the easiest ways to send Tips and Airdrops to your friends or community members using Cwallet Bot via multiple social platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

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Tips and Fun Airdrops with Cwallet Bot

Create an exclusive #KARA Community with Cwallet DAO:

A group with all true KARA fans can be regulated using the Cwallet DAO. It allows you to set a minimum of KARA tokens required for a new member to join the telegram/discord group. It is a beneficial tool for crypto start-ups and tokenized communities to engage with their target audience and grow their community.

Think of it as an exclusive group accepting the KARA community by simply verifying their crypto assets!

Closing Thoughts

We hope you have gained insights and information on our newly listed network — KaraStar (KARA), and how you can seamlessly use it with Cwallet services!

Cwallet will soon launch many exciting events and activities with Kara for its users! So stay tuned for the fun to begin!

Remember that you can receive, hold, tip, or swap KARA tokens on Cwallet.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment or join our community for more discussions, tips, and airdrops.




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