How To send Multiple NFTs at Once — NFT Batch Transfer Guide

4 min readFeb 23, 2024

With a daily trading volume of over $35 million, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) constitute a major part of all DeFi transactions. With the unique ability to store and transfer assets in the forms of digital art, music, collectibles, etc., NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have grown significantly in popularity, leading many traditional creators to tap into the billion-dollar industry to create digital, blockchain-backed digital versions of their creativity.

Despite the increased adoption of NFTs, one major challenge users usually face is the high cost of transaction fees as well as the time incurred in processing each transaction. The need to send multiple NFTs in batches is aimed at achieving cost efficiency and timeliness, especially when you have a large collection or need to distribute NFTs to multiple recipients.

Gas fees on several blockchain networks, particularly Ethereum-based NFTs (which have the highest trading volume), are expensive and may be unsustainable for users who have to complete several transactions.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to send multiple NFTs in one transaction in order to minimize gas fees and save time and money.

Can You Send Multiple NFTs In One Transaction?

The short answer is yes. It is possible to send multiple NFTs in a single transaction with two unique methods: via batch transfers and via smart contracts.

Sending NFTs via smart contracts would require a smart contract developer to write codes that would enable the deployer to easily send batch transfers by triggering instructions via blockchain programming languages like solidity, Rust, etc. However, this may be too technical and could be impossible for you if you aren’t the original deployer, but just a collector.

Batch transfers on the other hand provides a simple and less technical way to distribute large NFT collections in one transaction.

How To Send Multiple NFTs With Batch Transactions Software

If you intended sending NFTs one after the other, sendinghundrreds or thousands would cost you a fortune in gas fees, as you would be required to pay separate gas fees for each transaction.

Fortunately, batch transfer softwares like the Cwallet Bulk payment tool solves this problem, by allowing users to send fungible and non-fungible cryptocurrencies at once without paying gas fees for each transaction. So, whether you’re an NFT artist that wants to send your latest work to several collectors or distribute NFTs to your community members, Cwallet allows you to do it all easily without incurring high gas fees.

The best part is that you don’t have to transfer your NFT assets to Cwallet. If you have assets in other wallets, such as MetaMask, you can simply connect them to your Cwallet account, make bulk transfers from there, and save yourself time and money.

The Cwallet bulk payment tool also makes it easy for you if you have a list of addresses to which you send tokens regularly. All you need to do is create a spreadsheet with the format provided, and you can easily import the list for bulk transfers at any time.

If you are connecting to an external wallet such as MetaMask, do well to confirm the transaction on the app. However, if your NFTs are already in Cwallet, you do not have to go through multiple steps of confirmation.

As soon as the transaction is complete, you’ll be provided with the details and the Txids for each transaction, which you can verify on the blockchain.

You can download the transaction results if you want, as it may be useful for transparency in communities. Also, you can always go back to your Cwallet transaction history to get this. Alternatively, you can request it via email, and it will be instantly delivered to your inbox. Simple and easy.

Why Use Cwallet?

  • Optimized For Recurrent Transfers: Cwallet allows you to save the recipient list, so if you’re carrying out recurring batch transfers to similar wallet addresses, you can easily edit the recipient list and reuse it as required.
  • Ease and Convenience: Cwallet maakes it easy for you to import a recipient list with a spreadsheet format ready-made for you, so you can edit and apply as required. If you have completed collation via google sheets, you can easily convert to a spreadsheet document and import it to Cwallet
  • Compatible with MetaMask Wallet: Despite being among the best of the bunch in holding, transacting, and staking tokens, MetaMask Wallet doesn’t have the capability to send multiple NFTs at the same time. However, you can easily link your MetaMask wallet to Cwallet and use the batch transfer tool to send multiple NFTs at once.


If you frequently execute bulk NFT or fungible token transactions, the Cwallet Bulk Payment Tool is exactly what you need to ease the process and make it cheaper. As a result, your transactions become simpler and more cost-effective, whether on the Ethereum Network or other NFT-dominant blockchain networks.

The best part is that Cwallet transactions are ABSOLUTELY FREE! You aren’t required to pay anything to sign up, use the bulk payment service, or other Cwallet tools!

Don’t delay! Explore the Cwallet Bulk Payment tool today, and enjoy easy, smooth, and cheaper transactions!



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