How To Accept Crypto Tips And Donations on Twitch? [2022]

Twitch is an interactive live streaming platform where millions of people communicate, interact, and create their own entertainment. Twitch’s primary focus is video games, where users can watch others play games, engage other viewers, or live broadcast their gameplay. However, anyone can create content from gaming to entertainment, sports, and music. It is perceived as the most popular gaming streaming platform on the planet.

Twitch’s excellent infrastructure and large user base assist both viewers and streamers. In addition, twitch gives you numerous opportunities to monetize your content as a creator.

For example, if you are a skilled gamer and a viewer falls in love with your gameplay, the viewer can reward(tip) you with the in-game currency. Surprisingly, people prefer to watch others play video games rather than play them themselves since it provides a sense of fulfillment as they can make comments and contribute during the gameplay. Hence, the more skillful you are as a creator, the more entertained your viewers are and the more your chances of getting tips and donations.

Receiving Tips on Twitch

As earlier mentioned, your views can reward you if they find your content appealing to them. And in some cases, you can ask your viewers for donations to spend more time keeping them entertained. Unfortunately, Twitch only offers a microdonation avenue with its in-game currency, Bit. To collect the tips, you must first create a link using PayPal, Stripe, or any e-payment processing system. The downside is that some viewers are swindlers in disguise who will submit a chargeback after making a false donation. Moreover, you must be an Affiliate or Partner to use this service.

Fortunately, streamers can receive tips with cryptocurrencies without additional fees by using third-party networks. Since cryptocurrencies allow for quick, safe, and secure transactions, you should be open to accepting them as tips and donations from Twitch viewers.

Accepting Tips with Cwallet

Cwallet is an interactive cryptocurrency wallet that can be used with your social media platforms. It has numerous features, such as storing your coins, swapping, tipping, airdrops, and earning money on the go while also supporting the crypto-economy via social networking.

You can use Cwallet to receive your tips and donations on Twitch. It is an ideal gateway that aids in developing the crypto economy. Cwallet has you covered for anything from tipping to exchanging or maintaining a community on social media platforms.

To get started with Cwallet, you need to register an account. There are various methods for creating an account; you can register with: Email address, mobile number, Apple ID, crypto wallet: Wallet Link, Wallet Connect, Metamask, Phantom, and Tronlink, and Third-party platforms: Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit, etc.

Now that you have an account with Cwallet, you need to create a tip code and link to your Twitch account.

How to Create a Tip Code?

Perhaps one of the most incredible things that Cwallet has always insisted on and continued to enhance is the facilitation of instant tips. As a result, quick payment processing is possible by scanning the tip code, which securely submits the payment information.

  • To create a tip code, click the ‘Tools’ page and select ‘Create Tip Box.’
  • Enter the content of your tip code, including your Twitch username (for easy identification for your Twitch viewers) and a brief explanation. You may also configure a fixed tip amount for click-to-tip without typing the amount.
  • After you’ve finished filling out the form, click Create.

You have successfully created a Tip Code. Here is a link and a QR code of the tip code. The tip code can be supplied in multiple forms. Now you have to add the link to your Twitch profile.

How to Include a Tip Link in Your Twitch Profile?

To link your cryptocurrency tip button to your panel, go to the “Donation Link” and click the “Add Tip Button.” This will take you to a page with a tip button interface. Here you can input the tip link or upload your QR code. Your viewers can choose the currency they want to tip you in when they decide to do so. A window will appear with a QR code or the wallet ID. The tip will then be sent straight from their wallet to yours.

Final Takeaway

Cwallet is the best custodial wallet, with many unique features you won’t find anywhere else! For example, you can use the Cwallet to organize FREE airdrop games and tip tokens to your friends and community members.

What’s more?

Cwallet does not charge any deposits, withdrawals, and token swap fees. Therefore, using the Cwallet wallet is absolutely FREE!

So, what are you waiting for?

Download the Cwallet NOW, and join our telegram community to enjoy many exclusive benefits.



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