How I Make Money By Writing Stories On Medium

6 min readDec 20, 2022

Everyone Writes. However, Only A Few People Make A Living From Their Writing.

Writing Is A Form Of Therapy For Most Of Us. For Me, It Is A Way To Escape From Challenging Reality And Find Solace In A World I Create Through Words. As A Result, My Writings Are Based On My Experiences And Are Told As A Story To Address Financial Issues For People In Relationships Who May Be Facing A Similar Situation.

Putting My Stories Online

However, Because My Intentions Were To Share My Experience, I Only Post And Share My Writings On My Facebook Wall And In A Few Open Groups In Which I Am A Member. Simply Put, I Write To Address How A Lack Of Funds Could Hinder The Development Of An Ideal Relationship. What I Didn’t Realize Was That If These Stories Were Published Correctly On The Right Platform, I Could Make Money From Them.

Nonetheless, The Primary Goal Of Writing My Stories Was To Escape The Difficult Financial Problems Impeding My Relationship. However, It’s Interesting That Many People Who Feel The Same Way Or Have Similar Relationship Problems Could Identify With These Stories. In Fact, The Solutions I Always Provided To Every Problem I Shared Made The Stories More Appealing To The Group Of Readers. As A Result, There Were Always Several Comments From Group Members Deliberating On The Topics I Discussed.

Having A Portfolio

One Day, After Dropping My Stories, I Received A Direct Message From One Of The Group Members Asking If I Had A Catalog Or Portfolio Of My Writings. I Was Perplexed By The Question, So I Inquired What He Meant By A Portfolio And Why I Should Have One.

Then He Explained How I Could Make Money From My Stories And How Having A Portfolio Could Help Me Land Jobs As A Story Writer For Brands And Other Agencies. He Made It Known It’s A Win-Win Situation For Me Because I Get To Do What I Love — Write — While Earning Money And Building An Audience At The Same Time.

So, Where Can A Writer Make Money With Their Stories?

Getting Started With Writing Stories On Medium

That Was My Question, And Medium Was, Without A Doubt, The Answer I Got. Medium Is The Easiest Way For Anyone To Get Into Blogging Or A Writer To Make Money And Create A Portfolio. As A Result, Medium Is A Powerful Publishing Platform For Writers To Make Money, As It Places Writers’ Stories And Content Behind A Paywall That Is Only Accessible To Paying Members.

It Was Simple To Put My Content On Medium Because All I Had To Do Was Sign Up And Start Publishing. However, I Didn’t Realize That I Needed To Join The Medium Partner Program (MPP) Before I Could Put My Stories Behind A Payroll And Earn Money From Them.

Challenges With Making Money On Medium

Unfortunately, Joining The Medium Partner Program Was More Complex Than I Had Hoped, As Some Requirements Must Be Met To Be Eligible. The Conditions Were That I Must;

  • Have At Least 100 Medium Followers.
  • Be Located In A Country That Accepts Stripe Payments
  • Have Previously Published At Least One Story On The Platform.

These Requirements Had To Be Met To Earn Money From Publishing On Medium, As The Platform Only Rewards Writers Based On The Reading Time Of Paid Members. However, Because My Primary Goal Was Not To Make Money From My Writing But Also To Build A Portfolio And An Audience, I Continued To Publish My Stories On The Platform For Everyone To Read Without Compensation For Their Reading Time. This Means That To Make Money From My Stories, I Need To Put Them Behind A Metered Paywall That Only Paid Subscribers Can Access, And Medium Will Pay Me A Portion Of Their Subscription Fee If They Read My Stories.

Since I Wasn’t Eligible To Join The Medium Partner Program, What Other Ways Could I Make Money From My Stories? I Wondered!

Accepting Tips On Medium

On The Other Hand, Medium Has A Tipping Feature That Allows A Writer To Receive Tips From Readers –Subscribers And Non-Subscribers– For Their Stories Without Meeting Any Requirements. The Tipping Feature Was Optional, But Because I Couldn’t Use The Platform Through The Partnership Program, I Had No Choice But To Enable It On My Medium Stories.

Unfortunately, I Ran Into Another Difficulty. I Had To Include A Link To A Payment Platform Because Medium Cannot Accept Reader Tips. However, Given The Commission And Processing Fees Levied By Popular Payment Platforms Used On The Platform, Such As Ko-Fi, Patreon, And PayPal, I Chose To Receive My Tips In Cryptocurrency.

Accepting Crypto Tips For Writing On Medium

Aside From The Fact That Cryptocurrency Allowed Me To Receive Tips From Readers Without Paying Any Processing Fees, It Also Comes Instantly And Can Be Received From Readers In Any Region.

And, Because Several Creators On Platforms Like YouTube, Tiktok, And Twitch Have Used Cryptocurrency To Receive Tips From Their Followers, I Looked Into How They Did It And Used The Same Method.

As A Result, I Discovered Cwallet To Be The Secret, Allowing Creators To Receive 100% Free Cryptocurrency Tips.

Accepting Crypto Tips With Cwallet

Getting Started With Cwallet Was Simple. There Was No Lengthy Registration Or KYC Verification Process Because All I Had To Do Was Add My Mobile Phone Or Third-Party Platforms Like Twitter, Telegram, Discord, And Reddit.

After Successfully Creating A Cwallet Account, I Could Access The Tip Box Tools Among The Other Tools Available On The Platform. I Immediately Created A Tip Code, And Cwallet Provided Multiple Formats — QR Code, Button, Image, And Link — On How To Use The Service.

But Since Medium Required A Payment Link, I Copied The Cwallet Tip Link To Be Used On My Medium Profile.

Adding Cwallet Tip Link To Medium

Then, I Went To My Medium Profile’s Audience Development Settings And Selected The Manage Tipping Option. Next, I Checked The Box To Display The Tipping Link On My Stories, And The URL Space Appeared, Where I Pasted The Cwallet Tip Link I Copied.

The Cwallet Tip Code Made It Seamless To Receive Crypto Tips From My Readers In Every Region And In The Token Of Their Choice. All Of This Without Incurring Any Service Fees. So, Without Joining The Medium Partner Program, I Made Money From Writing Stories By Receiving Crypto Tips Using Cwallet Without Worrying About Transaction Fees.

You Can Use Cwallet To Receive Tips On Medium, Or Any Social Media Platform, Just Like I Did. It Is An Excellent Gateway That Aids In The Growth Of The Crypto Economy. Simply Generate A Tip Code And Upload It To Your Social Media Profile.

From Tipping To Monetizing Your Content On Any Social Media Platform, Cwallet Has You Covered. First, Create A Cwallet Account Immediately, Then Use This Step-By-Step Guide To Set Up A Tip Box.

The Best Part Is That Receiving Tips Is Entirely Free; There Is No Registration Fee Or Transaction Fee.

What’s More?

Cwallet Lowers The Entry Barrier For Crypto Usage. You Can Instantly Create A Cwallet Account With Your Mobile Number Or Third-Party Networks Such As Twitter, Telegram, Discord, And Reddit.

Cwallet Does Not Charge Any Deposits, Withdrawals, And Token Swap Fees. Therefore, Using Cwallet Is Absolutely FREE!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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