Cwallet Weekly Listing Review: JUP, JTO, AXL, VOXEL, ALITA

3 min readApr 8, 2024


Happy Monday! Let’s take a moment to look back at the tokens that joined the Cwallet platform last week. To keep up-to-date with all the latest updates, you could join our CC Club on telegram or follow us on X. Last week, $JTO, $JUP, $ALITA, $VOXEL, $AXL joined Cwallet, where you could store, transfer, tip and airdrop.

1. $JUP

As one of the industry’s most advanced swap aggregation engines, Jupiter excels in delivering essential liquidity infrastructure for the Solana ecosystem. Moreover, Jupiter is actively expanding its DeFi product offerings, featuring a comprehensive suite that includes Limit Order, DCA/TWAP, Bridge Comparator, and Perpetuals Trading. Jupiter’s price has fluctuated between $1.39 and $1.94, increasing by nearly 13% over the past week and by almost 150% over the month.

2. $JTO

Jito Network is a major contributor to the Solana ecosystem through its JitoSOL liquid staking pool and its collection of MEV products. Users can exchange their SOL for JitoSOL. In return, holders maintain SOL’s liquidity and DeFi opportunities while earning yield from staking. JitoSOL uniquely provides its holders with additional rewards from transaction revenue associated with MEV extraction on Solana.

3. $AXL

Axelar Network, the programmable Web3 interoperability platform, scaling the next generation of internet applications to billions of users.


Voxies is an NFT project on the #Polygon blockchain, a lovable combination of cute voxel characters, adorable personalities, and collectible NFT technology.VOXEL offers a range of exciting possibilities beyond simply buying and holding the token. In the present, VOXEL can be used for enhancing the in-game experience, purchasing unique items on the Voxies Marketplace, and even buying exclusive merchandise. Looking to the future, VOXEL holders can look forward to participating in passive questing, battle passes, and access to special events.


Inspired by the futuristic world artificial intelligence in the Alita Battle Angel films, it is based on the study of human emotions and aims to make her more understanding of human needs, not only to protect humans in battle but also to be a close companion of humans in peacetime. AlitaAi is a decentralized AI trading platform where anyone can securely invest in cryptocurrencies.

Join our CC Club on to share your insights on these recently added tokens and their potential impact. These newly added tokens on Cwallet offer users the ability to store, transfer, tip, and participate in airdrops.

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