Cwallet Weekly Listing Review: ENA, W, REEF, PENDLE, FARM

3 min readApr 15, 2024


Greetings and welcome to our weekly recap! Here’s an overview of the exciting new tokens added to the Cwallet platform this past week. Stay in the loop with all our updates by joining our CC Club on Telegram or following us on X (previously Twitter). Recently, $PENDLE, $FARM, $REEF, $W, $ENA have become part of the Cwallet family, offering functionalities like storing, transferring, tipping, and participating in airdrops.

Cwallet Listing Review Vol. 4
  1. $PENDLE

Pendle innovates in the DeFi space by allowing the tokenization and trading of future yields through a specially designed AMM that accommodates assets with time decay. This offers users enhanced control over their future yields, providing options and opportunities for better yield management.

2. $FARM

Harvest Finance proactively farms the most competitive yields from emerging DeFi protocols and optimizes these yields with cutting-edge techniques. The governance token, FARM, grants holders the right to vote on strategic decisions regarding the operational treasury and to benefit from a 5% operational fee from Harvest activities.

3. $REEF

Reef offers a Reliable Extensible Efficient Fast Layer-1 Blockchain solution optimized for DeFi, NFT, and gaming applications. Developed with the Substrate Framework, it ensures scalability with nearly instant transactions at low cost. Reef also supports Solidity and EVM, making it simple for developers to transition their DApps from Ethereum with no alterations to the code.

4. $W

Wormhole, as a foremost interoperability platform, Wormhole facilitates the functioning of multichain applications and bridges, connecting more than 30 top blockchain networks. This platform enables developers to tap into a vast pool of liquidity and users, supporting diverse applications in DeFi, NFTs, and governance initiatives.

5. $ENA

Ethena introduces a synthetic dollar protocol on Ethereum, presenting a crypto-native approach to a dollar-denominated savings tool — the ‘Internet Bond’. This protocol is designed to operate independently of the traditional banking system, providing universal access and enhancing financial inclusion globally.

We invite you to join our CC Club to discuss these new tokens and their anticipated effects. With these additions to Cwallet, users gain the ability to not only store, transfer, and tip but also engage actively in airdrops.

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