Cwallet Weekly Listing Review: BOME, MEMEAI, WIF, CYBONK, GORILLA Joined Cwallet

3 min readMar 25, 2024

Welcome to the Cwallet Weekly Listing Review, where we take a look back at the tokens that joined the Cwallet platform last week. In this edition, we’ll recap the exciting listings that graced Cwallet and explore the opportunities they brought to the crypto community. Join CCClub as we revisit the tokens that made waves and discover their potential for growth and innovation.

Weekly Listing Review
  1. Book of Meme(BOME): Redefining Web3 Meme Culture
    Last week, Cwallet proudly introduced the listing of BOME, a token that has captured the attention of the crypto community. BOME brings a unique concept to the table, with its Seed Tag feature revolutionizing the meme token landscape. Keep an eye out for updates on BOME’s journey as it continues to make waves in the crypto industry.
  2. MEME AI: Unleashing the Power of Memes
    Another exciting addition to Cwallet last week was MEME AI. Inspired by Elon Musk’s recognition of the impact of memes, MEME AI combines an AI meme generator and an NFT marketplace, providing web3 players with a platform to have fun and explore the creative potential of memes.
  3. Dogwifhat(WIF): Embracing the Meme Coin Spirit
    Cwallet welcomed WIF, a meme coin powered by @dogwifcoin running on the Solana blockchain. With its humorous appeal and dedication to memelovers, WIF aims to spread joy and laughter throughout the crypto space.
  4. CYBONK: Decentralized Meme Fun
    Last week, Cwallet listed CYBONK, a decentralized meme token created by @CYBONKTOKEN. CYBONK injects humor and excitement into the crypto landscape, offering a decentralized approach to meme culture.
  5. GORILLA: More than a Meme Token
    $GORILLA is available on Cwallet. The first GORILLA that goes to the MOON, working on IDO Launchpad, DEX swap, and NFT collection.

The past week brought forth an array of exciting listings on Cwallet, showcasing tokens that are set to make their mark in the crypto industry. From the innovative Seed Tag feature of BOME to the creative power of MEMEAI, the meme coin charm of WIF, and the decentralized fun of CYBONK, these tokens offer unique opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. Stay connected with Cwallet and Join our CCClub to stay updated on the latest news, and be prepared for more exciting listings in the weeks to come.

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