Cwallet Spearheads Vibrant Twitter Space Discussion on Web3: Delving into the Metaverse, GameFi & SocialFi

3 min readJun 14, 2024


Cwallet, a prominent platform at the forefront of Web3 integration and digital asset management, successfully conducted an enlightening Twitter Space event titled “Web3 Exploration: Metaverse, GameFi & SocialFi.” This session was distinguished by its high engagement, attracting over 2,000 participants and achieving exposure to over a million views, underscoring the community’s burgeoning interest in the transformative potential of Web3 technologies.

The event featured an in-depth dialogue with Masjeej Berno, Chief Business Development Officer and Co-Founder of Reality Metaverse, who shared invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of the Metaverse and its intertwined sectors of GameFi and SocialFi. Berno’s expertise illuminated various innovative aspects of their project, including their strategic use of AI to enhance game development and community engagement.

The discussion covered various topics, beginning with exploring Reality Metaverse’s initiatives to support game developers through community-driven financial backing. Berno detailed how their RMV token and NFTs are central to creating a sustainable economic model where players enjoy immersive gaming experiences and earn passive income through their interactions within the game environment.

The interactive element was a significant highlight of the event, where participants could engage directly with the speakers. The session included several “Lucky Box” giveaways, supported by, enhancing the interactive experience and rewarding the community for their participation. These giveaways were not just a promotional tool but also a means to deepen user engagement and offer tangible value to attendees, making the event informative and rewarding.

Strategic partnerships played a crucial role in amplifying the event’s reach and success. Esteemed media partners such as MarsBit, BlockBeats, ODaily, TechFlow, Chain Catcher, Foresight, and WikiBit, alongside community support from and TinTin land, were instrumental in promoting the session. Their support ensured that the event reached a wide audience, highlighting the collaborative spirit of the Web3 ecosystem.

The Twitter Space session not only addressed the current state and potential of Metaverse, GameFi, and SocialFi but also ventured into discussions about future innovations and projects under Reality Metaverse’s umbrella. Berno introduced upcoming games and features that promise to redefine user interaction within digital spaces, emphasizing location-based services and AI’s role in personalizing gaming experiences.

This Twitter Space event by Cwallet stands out as a cornerstone for community education and engagement in the Web3 space. It exemplified how digital platforms could leverage social media and strategic partnerships to foster discussions that are not only informative but also engaging and community-oriented. The success of this event marks a significant milestone for Cwallet and its partners, setting the stage for future initiatives that will continue to explore and expand the boundaries of what is possible on Web3.

As Cwallet continues to innovate and lead in bringing Web3 closer to a mainstream audience, the community can look forward to more such events that not only elucidate but also demonstrate the practical benefits and exciting opportunities within this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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