You can now receive, hold, swap, and tip QTUM tokens via CCTIP.


· About Qtum

· QTUM Token Details

· CCTIP features you can use with QTUM: Receive, Hold, Tip, Play-To-Earn, and Airdrop.

CCTip has successfully completed the addition of the Qtum protocol to CCTIP. Users can now swap, hold, tip, airdrop, and play games with QTUM tokens.

Qtum focuses on improving the creator economy; hence, we believe that adding the Qtum protocol to the CCTIP wallet will allow users to enjoy many benefits, making the most of their QTUM holdings.

What is Qtum?

Qtum (pronounced Quantum) is a blockchain technology that seeks to make Ethereum smart contracts compatible with Bitcoin’s blockchain while consuming less energy in creating new blocks by using the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism to verify ownership of dApps. Its primary blockchain layer uses the Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) transaction model similarly to Bitcoin, creating an additional layer for smart contract compatibility, similar to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

As a result, developers enjoy the ease of building dApps with Ethereum, alongside the security and stability of Bitcoin’s blockchain, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Patrick Dai, Qtum’s founder, recently announced that the Qtum Protocol may design a layer-2 solution for Qtum to improve the network’s scalability.

Qtum Core Features:

· MPoS consensus Mechanism: Qtum adapts the Mutualized Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism to help prevent network damage from malicious network nodes. The MPoS consensus secures the network by ensuring that attackers cannot spam the network with fees since all network participants share transaction fees instead of paying the entire fees to a single block creator (which is the case with the regular PoS consensus mechanism).

· Account Abstraction Layer (AAL): Qtum built the Account Abstraction Layer to achieve interoperability, merging Bitcoin’s traditional UTXO model with Ethereum’s smart contract model. Hence, the AAL model helps to integrate the value transfer layer (UTXO) with the contract execution layer (EVM).

To facilitate this integration, Qtum developed optimizations for the interface and conversion by introducing four new opcodes;

Ø OP_CREATE: create a smart contract

Ø OP_CALL: allows you to call a smart contract (send QTUM to the contract)

Ø OP_SPEND: spend QTUM in smart contract

Ø OP_SENDER: allow addresses other than contract call sender to pay for Gas

In addition to doing usual checks on transaction scripts, the Qtum Blockchain must check whether transactions contain the opcodes indicated above while creating new blocks.

· Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP): Although Qtum enables On-chain governance for managing some network parameters, the protocol strongly advocates for self-governance and autonomy through a democratic and balanced structure. As a result, the protocol favors off-chain governance via Decentralized Governance Protocol (DGP); this helps implement network upgrades as requested by Qtum Foundation members, enabling true decentralization of governance.

To implement DGP’s framework, several smart contracts are put in the genesis blocks to propose network upgrades, then validators, developers, and QTUM holders from across the ecosystem all vote; if there is consensus, the blockchain automatically implements the upgrade; if not, the network will remain unchanged.

Qtum (QTUM) Token Information Sheet

QTUM Token Use case:

QTUM is used to pay transaction fees for on-chain transfers or smart contract calls. It is also used to vote on network improvements via the Decentralized Governance Protocol.

QTUM Social Community:

Telegram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit

Where to Get QTUM Tokens?

You can purchase QTUM tokens from popular exchanges like Binance,, Kucoin, Kraken, Huobi, Bithumb, Bitfinex, Bittrex, etc.

Easily send, receive, hold or swap QTUM Tokens on CCTIP:

You can quickly deposit, withdraw, or Swap QTUM tokens using the CCTip wallet at the lowest possible fees.

Learn more on sending/ receiving and swapping tokens!

CCTIP offers the lowest cross-chain transaction fees:

You can swap QTUM tokens between 200+ cryptocurrencies present on CCTIP. Whether performing a cross-chain swap or an “on-chain swap,” CCTip offers the lowest possible transaction fees. You can swap various currencies within your wallet for absolutely free!

QTUM Token Price:

CCTIP updates its price charts in real-time, so you can find live updates on the QTUM token via CCTIP Wallet.

QTUM Live Price Chart and Token Info on CCTIP Wallet

Get a free instant wallet now.

Enjoy Tip, Airdrop, or Play-to-Earn QTUM Tokens via CCTIP:

CCTip offers the easiest ways to send Tips and Airdrops to your friends or community members using CCTIP Bot via multiple social platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

If you want to airdrop QTUM tokens with a touch of fun and thrill, you should immediately explore CCTip’s Game Airdrops, where you create one-of-a-kind free games! A new way to airdrop where you play to earn free crypto!

Now send QTUM or choose from 500+ tokens to Tip, Airdrop, or play games with your community!

Check out details on tipping instructions on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

Tips and Fun Airdrops with CCTIP Bot

Create an exclusive #QTUM Community with CCTip DAO:

A group with all true QTUM fans can be regulated using the CCTip DAO. It allows you to set a minimum of QTUM tokens required for a new member to join the telegram/discord group. It is a beneficial tool for crypto start-ups and tokenized communities to engage with their target audience and grow their community.

Think of it as an exclusive group accepting the QTUM community by simply verifying their crypto assets!

Closing Thoughts

We hope you have gained insights and information on our newly listed network — Qtum (QTUM), and how you can seamlessly use it with CCTIP services!

Remember that you can receive, hold, tip, or swap QTUM tokens on CCTip.

Now grow your community efficiently and quickly by exploring the various top features offered by CCTIP! Create an instant account now and enjoy cheap transaction fees with many features!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment or join our community for more discussions, tips, and airdrops.



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