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You can now receive, hold, swap, and tip DCR tokens via CCTIP


· About Decred Protocol

· DCR Token Details

· CCTIP features you can use with DCR: Receive, Hold, Tip, Play-To-Earn, and Airdrop.

CCTip has successfully completed the addition of the Decred (DCR) Protocol. Users can now use the CCTIP wallet to swap, hold, tip, airdrop, and play games with DCR.

We believe that integrating the Decred Protocol (DCR) into CCTIP will allow CCTIP users to benefit from Decred’s decentralized community, enabling them to get the best returns on their DCR holdings.

What is Decred Protocol?

The Decred Protocol is a Bitcoin fork that seeks to address the problems associated with the Bitcoin network, particularly in decentralization, scalability, governance, and community consensus. The protocol works in a way that requires the community to approve all transactions or protocol updates, encouraging absolute governance by all users.

Unlike Bitcoin, it uses a hybrid-consensus mechanism, merging components of the Proof-of-Work (PoW) and the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensuses. PoW miners validate transactions on the network, while PoS stakers (who have staked a sufficient amount of DCR tokens) govern the network’s updates. After blocks are confirmed, miners earn 10% of the rewards, stakers make 80%, and 10% is sent into a treasury.

Decred released a new version at the start of Q1 2022, implementing recent changes to the network, most notably a proposal to change the PoW/PoS reward split from 60%/30% to 10%/80%. The implemented proposal seeks to improve the asset value by increasing staking rewards and reducing mining rewards.

Decred Core Features

Politeia: Stakers on the Decred network use the Politeia proposal system to submit proposals, track them, and discuss potential policy changes. Just like Reddit, every staker contributes by connecting their DCR wallet where they have staked tokens to upvote or downvote a policy proposal. Again, this helps to facilitate debates to ensure a proper community consensus in governance.

Decred Treasury: 10% of block rewards are sent to the Decred treasury, while the remaining 90% are shared among miners and stakers. The treasury holds funds to pay off contractors or to offset other expenses accrued while maintaining the ecosystem. The Decred treasury is decentralized; stakeholders vote to decide whether contractor payouts will be achieved based on the value of work done. This helps to counter any plan of treasury theft or fraud.

Holistic Governance: Every proposal on the Decred network will be made to the developers, which they MUST submit to the community, whether they like it or not. A referendum vote will be carried out in the community, where 75% of voters must accept the proposal for implementation. Also, 20% of the entire user base must participate in voting; if not, the referendum results will be rejected.

Decred DEX (DCRDEX): Decred has powered its DEX using Bitcoin’s lightning network, allowing rapid atomic swaps on trading pairs, charging zero trading fees.

Decred Wallets (DCR Wallet): The DCR wallet is essential for miners and stakers on the Decred network to stake tokens, vote in DAO governance, and receive mining/staking rewards. The desktop version of the wallet downloads the Decred blockchain for miners and stakers to validate and add new blocks.

Decred (DCR) Token Information Sheet

DCR Token Use case:

DCR facilitates governance (via staking) and is also used to reward stakers and miners in the DCR ecosystem.

DCR Community:

Matrix, Discord, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Medium

Where to Get DCR Token?

You can purchase DCR tokens from;

CEXs: Binance,, Kucoin, Bittrex, Huobi etc.


Easily send, receive, hold or swap DCR Tokens on CCTIP:

You can quickly deposit, withdraw, or Swap DCR tokens using the CCTip wallet at the lowest possible fees.

Learn more on sending/ receiving and swapping tokens!

CCTIP offers the lowest cross-chain transaction fees:

You can swap DCR tokens between 200+ cryptocurrencies present on CCTIP. Whether performing a cross-chain swap or an “on-chain swap,” CCTip offers the lowest possible transaction fees. You can swap various currencies within your wallet for absolutely free!

DCR Token Price

CCTIP updates its price charts in real-time, so you can find live updates on the DCR token via CCTIP Wallet.

Get a free instant wallet now.

Enjoy Tip, Airdrop, or Play-to-Earn DCR Tokens via CCTIP:

CCTip offers the easiest ways to send Tips and Airdrops to your friends or community members using CCTIP Bot via multiple social platforms like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

If you want to airdrop DCR tokens with a touch of fun and thrill, you should immediately explore CCTip’s Game Airdrops, where you create one-of-a-kind free games! A new way to airdrop where you play to earn free crypto!

Now send DCR or choose from 500+ tokens to Tip, Airdrop, or play games with your community!

Check out details on tipping instructions on Twitter and Telegram.

Create exclusive #DCR Community with CCTip DAO:

A group with all true DCR fans can be regulated by using the CCTip DAO. It allows you to set a minimum amount of DCR tokens required for a new member to join the telegram/discord group. It is a beneficial tool for crypto start-ups and tokenized communities to engage with their target audience and grow their community.

Think of it as an exclusive group accepting the DCR community by simply verifying their crypto assets!

Closing Thoughts

We hope you have gained insights and information on our newly listed network — Decred Protocol (DCR), and how you can seamlessly use it with CCTIP services!

Remember that you can receive, hold, tip, or swap DCR tokens on CCTip.

Now grow your community efficiently and quickly by exploring the various top features offered by CCTIP! Create an instant account now and enjoy cheap transaction fees with many features!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment or join our community for more discussions, tips, and airdrops.



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