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Blockchain technology has revolutionized mobile and desktop gaming, enabling digital ownership of in-game assets by ensuring that all items are tokenized on the blockchain.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) allow uniqueness and distinction for in-game assets. Hence, ten thousand players may have identical swords in the game; however, each of these swords is unique and vary in value due to their individual traits and rarity.

What are NFT Games?

NFT games are video games that allow players have complete ownership of in-game assets as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). As a result, the players can keep their assets in their wallets, with all records available on the blockchain. Like all other tokens, these assets are tradeable for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money, which is why the gaming model is often regarded as Play-To-Earn (P2E) games.

Currently, these NFT games are mostly available on desktops, but some are available on Android and iPhone devices.

How Does Digital Ownership Work with NFT Gaming?

There are several strategies for owning digital assets via NFTs, depending on the type of game. These assets could be bought with cryptocurrencies, gotten for free, bred, or earned by completing tasks.

Unlike traditional gaming, where gamers spend money to make in-game purchases (which cannot be sold), P2E NFT games give ownership to the player and not the developers. As a result, every player owns their items and can manage them as they wish.

Digital assets in These NFT games differ, primarily due to the type of games. Some NFT assets involve

  • Land ownership
  • Battle items like swords, shields, or suits.
  • Pokémon trading cards
  • Animal imitations

And many more.

Best NFT Games in 2022

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is arguably the most popular P2E NFT game. It’s a game that involves contests and battles via monster-like pets called “Axies.” These Axies are NFT assets that can be traded between two players in the game.


To begin the game, each player needs to buy three Axies via the game’s native token — $AXS. With the Axies you own, you can explore the gaming ecosystem and even breed new Axies to get NFT assets with unique traits. Similarly, by winning battles and contests, you can earn $SLP or $AXS tokens, which can be used for more in-game purchases or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies.

Axie Infinity has been a massive success in the P2E NFT gaming, as the native $AXS token reached an all-time high of $165 and is currently a top 50 cryptocurrency in market cap valuation.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is an NFT card game built on the Ethereum blockchain. You can enter the game for free by simply signing up to receive free packs of cards.

With your deck of cards, you can compete against the computer or against other players to level up and earn rewards. Like many P2E games, Gods unchained has a native token — $GODS- spent in-game to improve card quality and purchase other items.

As expected, some of the cards obtained in the game are digital assets (NFTs) and can be exchanged for cryptocurrency on the marketplace. The cards gotten for free during sign-ups cannot be traded, but subsequent cards can be created via “evolution,” and these can be traded as NFTs.

Gods Unchained has been massively successful — particularly as a free-to-play game, and the $GODS token soared well in the crypto market, gaining over 4,000% during its peak in December 2021

Pirates x Pirates

Pirates x Pirates is an adventure game where players earn rewards by participating in adventures via seas. It involves quests, where each player recruits a captain, ship, and crew to form a fleet and battle with other pirates (either players or computer-generated opponents) to earn rewards. As with other NFT games, these captains, ships, and crews are NFT assets that can be traded for money.

Pirates x Pirates also has a native currency — $PXP, which is used to facilitate all trades. In addition, the game rewards players with an in-game currency — $GOLD which can be used for in-game purchases.

Pirates x Pirates is well active, having peaked in February 2022. However, it still looks toward improving its gaming ecosystem in late 2022 and early 2023.

Best Upcoming Games in 2022


Silks is one of the most anticipated NFT P2E games in 2022. It involves distinct avatars, horses, stables, and lands, which are all NFTs in the game. The project commenced in March 2022, when the whitelist sale for horse-riding avatars began.

Silk horse-riding avatar and horse

Silks is genuinely a special project because each Silks horse is linked to a real-world thoroughbred horse in the U.S. Hence, great performances of the real-world horse will reward the corresponding in-game NFT horse with $STT tokens. These $STT tokens can be used to buy lands, stables, avatars, etc.

The game launched in March 2022 with a whitelist sale of the racing avatars, capped at 10,000 unique items. It is expected that lands, stables, and the game’s metaverse will go live between Q3 and Q4 2022

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a Triple-A NFT P2E game launched on the Solana blockchain. The game is massively anticipated due to its exceptional graphical quality.

Star Atlas spaceships

The game is a blockchain-based massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) based on science fiction on space and planetary exploration involving pilots, spaceships, and other in-game assets that are tradeable NFTs.

Although Star Atlas has already launched, it is not yet a P2E game, as it only involves a SCORE gameplay (Ships Commissions on Remote Expeditions), which involves buying ships to earn the game’s native token — $ATLAS. However, the game is expected to fully launch to a SCREAM gameplay mode (Ship Combat, Resource Extractions, and Manufacturing) in the latter stages of 2022. This mode will involve Player vs. Enemy and Player vs. Player modes in a storyline to complete missions and earn tokens as rewards.

Final Takeaway

Away from the fun of playing games, investing in P2E games could be very lucrative, especially in a bear season, because the cost of playing these games during crypto dips is low; whereas the in-game tokens and NFTs earned could be worth a lot more in bull runs, which would signify massive profits.

Apart from the ones listed above, there are other NFT P2E games that you can have fun with while engaging in GameFi. Ensure to conduct adequate research and invest wisely.

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