A Step-By-Step Guide On Claiming A Web3 Domain Username Via Unstoppable Domains

4 min readJan 10, 2023

Web 3.0, The Decentralized Internet Backed By Blockchain Technology, Is Rapidly Becoming A Reality. A Few Of Its Significant Infrastructures Include Decentralized Identity Systems And Web3 Domain Name Services (DNS) That Feature Human-Readable Usernames That Can Be Utilized Across Various DApps And Blockchains.

As Web 3.0 Becomes Prevalent, Several Decentralized DNS Services Are Developing Strong Identity Systems As Pioneers In Creating A Decentralized Internet Protocol That Subjugates The Complexity Of Blockchain Technology. One Such Platform Is Unstoppable Domains.

What Is Unstoppable Domains?

Created In 2018, Unstoppable Domains Is Building A Digital Identity Platform For Web3, Allowing Users To Register Web3 Domain Names For Use Across Several Blockchain Networks. Typically, Crypto Wallet Addresses Are Lengthy And Unreadable; However, With Unstoppable Domains, You Can Create A Simple, Human-Readable Address To Send And Receive Crypto Easily.

For Example, Lengthy, Alphanumeric Crypto Wallet Addresses Like “0xAF03d005d159808D3f7aFC8F1066c6C70EfdAEAa” Can Be Replaced With Simple Usernames Such As John.Crypto Powered By Unstoppable Domains.

Unlike Web2 Addresses, Like Cwallet.Com, That Use The Traditional DNSs, Web3 Identity Systems Like Unstoppable Domains Use Crypto Name Services, With Suffixes Like .Nft, .Bitcoin, Or .Crypto, In Place Of .Com Or .Org.

Originally, The Main Aim Of Web3 Addresses Was To Offer A Decentralized Means To Host Web Apps And Websites; However, As A Side Benefit, They Are Also Used For Logging In To A Multitude Of Apps, Games, And Metaverses, Send And Receive Crypto, And Build Web3 Identities.

Advantages Of Unstoppable Domains

With Over 3 Million Domains Registered, Unstoppable Domains Is The Leading Web 3 Domain Name Service Provider Due To The Following Advantages.

  • One-Time Payments: Most Web2 Domains And Even Some Web3 Domains Require Users To Renew Their Payments Annually, Or They Will Lose Their Domain. However, With Unstoppable Domains, You Only Have To Pay Once And Own The Domain Name For Life.
  • Multi-Chain Compatibility: Some Web3 Domain Name Services Are Limited To One Blockchain Network, E.G., The Ethereum Naming Service (ENS). However, Unstoppable Domains Are Compatible With Blockchain Networks Such As Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, And Fantom.
  • Ease Of Creating A Website: With Unstoppable Domains, You Can Create Your Web3 Website With Pre-Made Templates Or Even A Gallery-Style Website For Your NFTs. You Don’t Have To Write Any Codes, Just Use Ready-Made Templates, And You Are Good!

How To Purchase A (.Crypto) Username Via Unstoppable Domains

  • Visit The Unstoppable Domains Website And Select The “Sign Up/Login” Option.
  • Here, You Can Continue With An Email Address Or Even Twitter; However, For A Wholesome Experience, You May Continue By Connecting Your Crypto Wallet.
  • Select Your Wallet Service Provider From The Available List; If You Can’t Find Yours, Click On “Wallet Connect” To Scan The Q.R. Code.
  • After Connecting Your Wallet, Search For Your Preferred Name With The Available Suffixes (.Crypto, .Nft, .X, .Wallet, .Bitcoin, .Dao, .888, .Zil, .Blockchain, .Hi)
  • If Your Preferred Name Is Available, You Can Add It To Your Cart For Purchase.
  • Click On “Continue To Cart” And Checkout
  • You May Make Payment Via Your Credit Card, PayPal, Or Other Cryptocurrencies Like Ethereum, Bitcoin, USDC, Litecoin, And DAI.
  • After Your Payment Has Been Successfully Confirmed, The Domain Will Be Released To You, And You Can Now Link It To Your Regular Wallet Address.
A Step-By-Step Guide On Claiming A Web3 Domain Username Via Unstoppable Domains

Hence, With My New Name, Emmanuel.Crypto, I Can Complete Crypto Transactions Without Having To Use Lengthy, Complex Crypto Addresses.

Sending And Receiving Cryptocurrency With Domain Names Via Cwallet

Cwallet Allows You To Make Crypto Transactions With ZERO Fees; Other Than The Network Fees Paid To Blockchain Miners, Cwallet Takes Out No Fees On ALL TRANSACTIONS.

Interestingly, You Can Also Utilize The Cwallet App To Send And Receive Over 800 Supported Tokens, Even Using Your Web3 Domain Name. It’s Simple.

Use Your Web3 Domain For Sending & Receiving Crypto With Cwallet

Sending Tokens With The Cwallet Bulk Payment Tool

Cwallet Also Facilitates Instant Bulk Crypto Transfers With Domain Names Via The Cwallet Bulk Payment Tool. Simply Locate “Cwallet Bulk Payment” And Follow The Prompts To Outline Your Bulk Payments Correctly.

Cwallet Bulk Payment Tool

Sending And Receiving Tokens Via The Unique Cwallet ID

Away From Unstoppable Domains And Other Web3 Domain Names, Cwallet Users Can Also Make Intra-Wallet Crypto Payments AT NO COST (Not Even Gas Fees) Via The Unique Cwallet ID.

Hence, In Place Of Difficult-To-Remember Alphanumeric Strings, You Can Easily Send BNB, BTC, ETH, DOGE, And Other Tokens To Fellow Cwallet Users Via Their Unique Cwallet IDs Without Needing To Pay A Cent In Gas Fees Or Wallet Fees.

Final Takeaway

Among Other Web3 Domain Name Services, Unstoppable Domains Allows You To Own Different Types Of Unique Web3 Domain Names Compatible With Several Blockchain Networks.

As A Result, When Transacting On Ethereum, Solana, And Other Eligible Networks, You Can Use Easily Rememberable Names Such As (Your Name.Crypto) In Place Of The Complex Wallet Address Forms, Allowing Seamless Crypto Transactions Without Compromising The Cryptographic Encryption Associated With These Wallet Addresses.

So, Tap Into The World Of Ease Today; Get A Web3 Domain Name Via Unstoppable Domains, And Transact Via The Cwallet Apps To Enjoy ZERO WALLET FEES On All Transactions.

Why Wait Any Further? Sign Up, Download The Cwallet App, Get An Unstoppable Domain, And Complete A Transaction With Your Unique Web3 Domain Name Today!




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