5 Tips For Profitable Holiday Sales + 1 Bonus Tip To Save Big On Transaction Fees

6 min readDec 27, 2022

It’s That Time Of Year Again When People Make Lots Of Purchases. Almost Every Industry Sees An Increase In Sales During This Period, Particularly Gift Items, Beauty Products, Cosmetics, Clothing, And Other Lifestyle Items. During The Holiday Season, Shoppers Pull Out Their Year-Round Savings To Make Various Purchases, Either Because Of The Discount Sales Or To Purchase Trending Festive Items. However, It Is Left To You, The Business Owner, To Ensure You Make Maximum Profit From These Sales.

The Holidays Are The Ideal Time To Transform Your Business From Struggling To Make Adequate Sales To Ensuring Profits In A Matter Of Weeks Because There Is Always A High Volume Of Online Purchases This Time Of Year. Despite The Convenience Of Selling Your Goods Online, Your Profit Margin Greatly Depends On How Much Money You Can Save With Your Chosen Payment Method.

However, Before We Get Into The Best Payment Method For You To Save Money On Transactions This Holiday Season, Let’s Talk About How To Make Your Holiday Sales Profitable.

Best Tips To Make Your Holiday Sales Profitable

One Of The Most Important Steps You Must Take To Ensure Maximum Profit Is To Prepare Your Business For Seasonal Sales. As Many People Make Purchases During This Time, Making The Process Simple For Them Will Result In More Sales For You. So, The Following Tips Will Ensure That Your Business And Offers Are At Their Best During This Period, Giving You A Competitive Advantage.

Have A Themed Business Page

Whether You Have A Business Website, Landing Page, Sales Page, Or Other E-Commerce Stores, Creating A Holiday-Specific Business Page Is The Most Effective Way To Get The Attention Of Your Potential Customers. People Are Excited And Charmed By The Holiday Season, And Your Business Should Reflect This Festive Spirit. Visitors Must Be Aware That You Are Prepared For The Festivities And Have Holiday-Specific Deals To Offer. As A Result, Your Offers Will Have A Sense Of Urgency, Which Will Help Boost Sales.

Create Discount Offers

As Previously Stated, Shoppers Use All Of Their Year-Round Savings To Make Various Purchases Primarily Because Of Discount Sales, As They Are Looking For The Best Deal For Themselves. As A Result, Offering Special Discounts During The Holiday Season Is A Tried And True Method Of Increasing Sales And Profitability. You Can Tailor Your Discount Offer To Your Loyal Customers Or First-Time/One-Time Buyers Looking To Capitalize On Holiday Sales. For Example, You Could Offer Free Shipping For Every Product Purchased By First-Time Buyers And Returning Customers. Creating Discount Offers For Your Business Sales Is A Sure Way To Profit Significantly.

Stay Active On Social Media

Social Media Is Where Your Potential Customers Interact And Network. Position Your Brand Where Your Target Audience Is, And Consistently Create Content About Your Product. For Example, If You Sell Beauty And Cosmetic Products, Take Appealing Photos Of Your Products And Create A Content Calendar That Is Perfect For The Holiday Season. While Using Social Media, Keep An Eye Out For Holiday Trends And Consider How You Can Leverage Them For Your Product. You Could Also Hold Task-Based Contests And Giveaways To Attract More Customers To Your Sales Offer. As A Result, The More Engagement And Traffic You Can Generate From Social Media Platforms, The More Traffic For Your Business And The More Profit You Record.

Accept Global Payments

No Matter How Good Your Product Offerings Are, It Will Be For Naught If Your Customers Have Difficulty Making Payments, Particularly Those Who Reside Outside Your Area. As A Result, Customers Prefer Digital Payments For Online Purchases Because, Unlike Traditional Payments, They Do Not Require The Buyer’s Shipping, Billing, And Payment Information. However, The Digital Payment Method Has A Disadvantage In The Form Of High Processing And Transaction Fees, Which May Impact Your Sales Profitability. Furthermore, Their Services Cannot Be Accessed By Buyers In Some Locations.

Accepting Payments For Your Holiday Sales Is As Important As The Season Itself. All Of Your Efforts To Ensure Profitability Will Be Futile If Payments Are Processed At High Transaction Fees And Are Limited In Their Reach To Your Buyers.

So, How Do You Eliminate The Transaction Fee? How Do You Get Payments From Buyers In Other Countries? How Do You Ensure That You Keep 100% Of Your Profits?

The Short Answer Is Cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Is A Solution To The Problems Of Traditional Finance, The Most Significant Of Which Is Receiving Cross-Border Payments. You Can Accept Payments For Your Holiday Offers From Buyers All Over The World Using Cryptocurrency Without Having To Worry About Exchange Rates Or Other Transaction Fees.

Benefits Of Accepting Cryptocurrency

No Transaction Fee

Cryptocurrency Eliminates Payment Processing Costs, And Transactions Are Conducted At Low Or No Cost. Unlike Card Payments, Buyers Do Not Need To Enter Their Information To Make Purchases. This Is A Significant Benefit To Both The Buyer, As It Conceals Their Identity, And You, The Business Owner, As It Allows You To Maximize Profits.

Eliminates Intermediary

Intermediaries Profit From Processing Payments, Which Is One Of The Reasons Transaction Fees Are So High. On The Other Hand, Cryptocurrency Technology Is Based On Decentralized Peer-To-Peer Networks That Are Unaffiliated With Any Bank Or Intermediary. As A Result, Payments Are Made Without The Involvement Of Financial Institutions Or Other Third Parties, Removing The Need For Transaction Fees.

Fast Transaction

Cryptocurrency Payments Are Fast And Instant. Unlike Card Payment Systems, Which Take A Few Days To Batch Out And Process, Cryptocurrency Is Processed Instantly, Allowing You To Access Funds Much Faster. Fast Transactions Help Your Cash Flow And Enable You To Maximize Profits.

Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments Eliminates The Need To Worry About Bank Fees, Dealing With Chargebacks, And Spending Hours Waiting For A Buyer’s Payment. Cryptocurrency Saves You Both Time And Money. As A Result, This Makes Your Holiday Sales Profitable.

Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments Also Eliminates The Need For Merchant Account Providers, Such As Banks, Payment Gateways, And Other Third-Party Processors.

So How Do You Accept Crypto Payments For Your Holiday Sales?

Receiving Payment With Crypto Payment Button

Crypto Payment Buttons Enable You To Receive Payments For Your Offers Directly Into Your Cryptocurrency Wallet. There Is No Need For A Third-Party Processor Because Payments Are Made Directly Between You And The Buyers. However, Because There Are So Many Wallets Available, Selecting One To Accept And Process Your Payments Can Take Time And Effort.

So, You May Want To Accept Cryptocurrency Payments To Maximize Your Sales Profit With Minimal Effort. In That Case, The Cwallet Payment Button Is The Best Crypto Wallet Provider To Handle Your Transactions For Free.

You Can Use The Cwallet Payment Button To Receive Buyer Payment Without Transaction Charges Or Region Restrictions.

Setting Up The Cwallet Payment Button Is Straightforward, As The Service Auto-Generates A Payment Code You Can Add To Your Business Page And Begin Receiving Payments Immediately.

Using The Cwallet Payment Buttons Gives You Access To The Following Benefits;

  • Accepts Multiple Cryptocurrencies
  • Easy And Convenient User Interface And Experience
  • Wallet Security With 2FA Compatibility To Ensure Protected Transactions
  • Device Compatibility For Buyers With Various Mobile And Desktop Operating Systems

Accepting Crypto Payments Allows You To Receive Payments For Your Holiday Offers From Buyers All Over The World, And Cwallet Makes The Process Simple And Free. As A Result, You Can Keep And Enjoy Your Holiday Profits.

The Takeaway

The Holiday Season Is A Perfect Period For You To Make Maximum Profit From Buyers Around The World. Therefore, You Can Have Profitable Holiday Sales By Putting All Of The Strategies Discussed Above. Importantly, By Eliminating Various Fees Paid To Third-Party Payment Processors, You Will Be Able To Keep 100% Of Your Holiday Sales Profit.

Accept Crypto Payment With The Cwallet Payment Button And Enjoy Seamless Transactions This Holiday Season.

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